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This central remote controller can operate and stop machines by either group or zone. Batch operation and batch stop functions are also available. When used in combination with the schedule timer (optional accessory), timer operation and stop functions are available.

Various operation modes.

You can operate the system from both this unit and the remote controller, so to enable various operation control patterns. Twenty different operation modes are available including five operation patterns.

Zone control for simpler setting procedures

You can control a maximum of 64 groups of indoor units by using this central remote controller. You don’t have to repeat the same setting operations by group because you can make each of the following settings by zone. A functions is available for setting all groups in one batch.

  • Operation mode
  • Control mode
  • Setting temperature
  • Programming time No. (Used in conjunction with the schedule timer)

Monitoring all indoor unit information

The following information can be displayed by group.

  • Operation information such as operation mode, set temperature, etc., for indoor units
  • Maintenance information such as cleaning signs for filters or elements
  • Error codes and other malfunction diagnosis information

Function of refrigerant system display

This display helps you understand, at a glance, the indoor units sharing the same outdoor unit and the particular indoor unit among them that is set as the master remote controller.


  • Max 64 groups of indoor units (128 indoor units controllable) can be controlled individually
  • Max 128 groups (128 indoor units) are controllable by using 2 central remote controllers
  • Malfunction code display
  • Max. wiring length : 3280ft (total : 6560ft)
  • Combination with Unified ON/OFF Controller, Schedule Timer, and BMS system
  • Mounting Box (KJB311A) is necessary
GEHP Outdoor Unit External Dimensions
Outdoor Unit Specifications 450
Outdoor Unit Specifications 560
Outdoor Unit Specifications 710
Outdoor Unit Specifications 850

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